Shawn – the Ex Gangsta Cat

Amazing! I love Shawn

Pawsome Dogs


YO! My name is Shawn The Cat. I used to be a real life gangsta. An outlaw. Desperado. Highwayman. Hooligan. My fur was rough and I always smelled like smoke. My paws were rough and broken but I never complained. I chased mice and slept on pavement. I was a cool cat. Feared and respected.

What other street kitties didn’t know was that I was lonely. I needed a friend. Also – my paws really, really hurt and I was always dreaming of supplements, vitamins and other magical things I heard the pet cats and dogs talk about. I also wished someone would pet my head and tell me I’m special. I started to actively look for a true friend.

My true friend hunt started among the street dogs. I had spotted a few Bull terriers who seemed to always have fun together. I headed over and stopped next to…

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