The noises 

“Who’s there?”, She shouted 

“Who are you”, she repeated as the noise got louder, 

“Hello?”, the noise got closer and closer, louder and louder,

Who’s There? 

“What do you want?” She screamed! 

“Please leave!!” “Please”, she covers her ears and shakily rolls around, the noise so loud she can’t even hear her own thoughts, 

“Shut up ! Shut up” she yells,

With the noise only growing and her body shaking she reaching out beside her and finds her pocket knife, without thinking she does all she can to stop the noise, and drives the knife right in to her heart, she lies there in her cold blood, 

Only to get shaken awake, 

“Sweetie! Darling” she hears as she opens her eyes,

“You alright ? You were yelling and rolling around” , 

She sighs, “it was only another dream” .
If your thinking about suicidal thoughts, please don’t act on them. There are people who love and care about you. You have to try and let them in. They are there for you and want to help.

Don’t end your life , your worth so much ❤ so many people will miss you. Even if you feel alone and that no one will care, I can promise you, that even if its just 1 person, someone does love you and will be heart broken by you leaving. 

Think twice , them another four times if you ever have these thoughts. Think about your family,friends, the boy/girl next door to you, your cat ,your dog, even your sisters pets! And think how they would feel if you took your life. And you’ll find that more people care than you think…

I would know  

My FIRST ever blog post 💀 

  1. I’m a terrible writer 
  2. I’m still in the middle of writing a book 
  3. I’ve wrote a children’s book
  4. I am starting a blog 
  5. Why? 

“Practice what you can’t do” 

“Practice makes perfect”

“Try, Try And try again” 

I guess I want to have something I’m good at. I’ve always loved English and reading, so I decided to try and make that my thing. I may think I’m crap as hell, but sometimes when im not thinking it brings out the words inside, usually it doesn’t make sense and I don’t always understand when I re read but I know I felt better at that Time. I guess a blog is a nice, anonymous why to share your feelings. I may hardly ever write on here, but at least its there when I have something to say, important or not, I may want to share it.

I am an 18 year old girl with depression -for no apparent reason – and I know there are 100’s of others out there. Its a struggle everyday , you can’t bring yourself to do daily things, you eat way too much (or nothing). Simple things bring you in to a dark place, Once in that dark place it’s not easy to get out and you do things you don’t mean to, like hurting one’s self.  Life’s a constant fight that you wouldn’t mind losing. Sometimes you give up and think about calling quites on everything, but luckily you and I haven’t yet. But millions have . they couldn’t fight no longer, their suffering got too much, they couldn’t find any other help or way out. We are still going, that means we are clinging on to something   … So let me tell you something… Never let go. What ever your holding on to, let it help you, let it never leave you, let it heal you. Everyone can beat depression, we just need to KEEP HOLDING ON… Because I believe we can all make it.