Love from pets ❤

What’s the best medicine? 


A little love from a dog makes your heart leap 

A little lobe from a cat makes you feel special 

A little love from a rabbit makes you feel soft inside 

A little love from an animal makes you feel better  


Love makes you feel powerful 

Love makes you feel worth while 

Love makes you feel rich 

Love makes you feel happy 

So basically get a pet and make it love you 😉 no more sadness or illness 



Burn me

Beat me

Heat me

Break me

Just don’t take me😩 

  1. Why
  2. Why
  3. Why
  4. Why

😏goodness sake life why such an ass … One minute you raise me and I feel good, then you chuck me down and Stand on me, so much weight and pain, I can’t handle it… 

 Help me handle it 😢


I hate when my emotions confuse me and never tell me straight.

This boy, then that… But always ends back to the same… 

Do I love you, do I not, tell me emotions before I pop

Confused and stressed , is it you or him, because my heart can’t take your stare and those tempting lips…. 


Have two interviews today.

Do I have advice and help on them ! ? 

Nope! I’m scared as hell 😩 
But I will be okay… Why? They liked my C.V and contacted me, which means i can’t be garbage … Right ?

Ima walk right in and be like… ! My time to shine ❤ move outta my way Gurlll 😉 

Everyone make sure you have faith in me 😉 and yourselves with. What evers happening 😘 

Love you xx 

You can Do it ! 

Shawn – the Ex Gangsta Cat

Amazing! I love Shawn

Pawsome Dogs


YO! My name is Shawn The Cat. I used to be a real life gangsta. An outlaw. Desperado. Highwayman. Hooligan. My fur was rough and I always smelled like smoke. My paws were rough and broken but I never complained. I chased mice and slept on pavement. I was a cool cat. Feared and respected.

What other street kitties didn’t know was that I was lonely. I needed a friend. Also – my paws really, really hurt and I was always dreaming of supplements, vitamins and other magical things I heard the pet cats and dogs talk about. I also wished someone would pet my head and tell me I’m special. I started to actively look for a true friend.

My true friend hunt started among the street dogs. I had spotted a few Bull terriers who seemed to always have fun together. I headed over and stopped next to…

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